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14 Nov

Performance : 14th November

une petite performance aura lieu le 14 novembre 2015 à Houston Texas, Civic TV Collective !

A Performance of Music and Poetry Phytosophie & The Invisible Man is a performance art project that draws its existence from nature's architecture, the organic, living sphere that surrounds us all. Our poems, sound compositions, and visual images combine to form intriguing transcriptions of life experience. These manifest through live performance art so the audience member can travel a new path— becoming aware of the life energy that connects us to the natural world and cosmic forces of the universe. The underlying themes of the piece are travel and encounter. Through the lens of our creative work, we focus on the sublime -- life's phenomena and atmosphere -- where colors and materials emerge, altering perceptions of our environments. Creating and sharing this vision is our passion, and translating this into performance art fulfills our fundamental need to convey these emotions and experiences. The performance artists, Sophie Dawson and Dan Workman, have recorded and produced this audio project in the organic format of an analog vinyl record. Phytosophie & the Invisible Man is a live, one-hour presentation that merges poems, surreal atmospheres, video projection, and music to guide spectators on an experimental, sensual journey: a moment of reverie, contemplation, and reflection.We hope our audience returns to their lives awakened to a new and welcome perception of the living ‘phyto energy’ that surrounds and nurtures us all.